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Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

No Dimes for the Dancing Gypsies, By Linda King

Forthcoming (Spring 2016) BlazeVox Publishing


Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

If My Soul Were A Country By Gordon Purkis



Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

Dream Street Details

By Lind King


 No Dimes for the Dancing Gypsies, By Linda King,

Cover By Natalie Trujillo (Absence) 

Book to be Released Spring of 2016(Late Mar. or Early Apr.) By BlazeVOX Publishing

If My Soul Were Country, By Gordon Purkis, Book Released July 2013

Cover Art By Natalie Trujillo ©2013

Linda King wrote:

These poems resonate with pain and grief but with an almost unbearable light shining

through.  The narrator ‘wounds and stabs’ Kafka like with his unflinching honesty

and his ability to look our deeply human chaos in the eye and hold steady.  These are the words

of a true poet –one who is desperate to find the place where his soul can claim citizenship while

remaining open to the possibility of finding a way to be at home in this world where he

‘wants to be free but without the running’  


May, 2013

Poetic Unfold by Natalie Trujillo is the cover painting for Canadian Poet Linda King's new book Dream Street Details, Book released in May 2013 by Shoe Music Press. Book Review... (Vienna Virginia Reader wrote)
Dream Street Details: poems by Linda King (Paperback)

The first thing that got my attention in Dream Street Details is the exquisitely beautiful cover, mysterious, exotic and unusual as are many of the themes. "Dangerous things (are) made over into language. Lots of poems deal with childhood memories "that feed on everything." The fragmented poems leave room in a mysterious way to wander around in strange rooms of pink-iced cookies and Nietzsche's forgotten umbrella. Everything shifts like "dreams that take you," turn all kinds of stories and unusual images and surprises to interesting slants of light. June 2013


Read full story at wedding guitarist.




 January 2012


La Luna es mi amiga Original and a print of La Baila al la vida..., by Natalie Trujillo, have been donated to the Latin Ballet of Virginia, Masquarade Rumba to help raise money for childrens dance classes 2012.