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Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

No Dimes for the Dancing Gypsies, By Linda King

Forthcoming (Spring 2016) BlazeVox Publishing


Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

If My Soul Were A Country By Gordon Purkis



Cover art By Natalie Trujillo

Dream Street Details

By Lind King



NATALIE TRUJILLO is an international artist who makes art inspired by her love of flamenco dance and paints in surreal forms.  Oil paint and plaster board relief style, are her favorite mediums to work with. Her work is colorful and textured visual expressions of passion.  

Natalie's studio is nestled in the cute little town of Chesapeake Beach, MD; where she shows her work to anyone who wants to see it as well as share in the experience of art.  She loves comments and getting to know people, and if you catch her on a day when she's cooking some New Mexican cuisine she might treat you to lunch and a possible margarita.   

Natalie's work can be found nationally and internationally if you take a quick cyber trip online to Fine Art America, Natalie's work has also been published by Shoe music press in Alpharetta, Ga., where her painting Poetic Unfold is the Cover art/painting for book Dream Street Details by internationally known Canadian poet Linda King, and book If My Soul Were A Country by American Poet Gordon Purkis. Natalie's work is also featured internationally at the Classical Guitarist/Wedding Guitarist in the UK

Natalie is herself a Flamenco Dancer and studied this form of dance at the National Institute of Flamenco.  Natalie learned art from her Grandfather Louis H. Lash who was a teacher, musician and artist.   

Natalie was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and grew up in the colorful Land of Enchantment which will always hold a large part of her heart. Natalie has lived all over America and has finally stopped wondering like a gypsy and now calls Chesapeake Beach, MD home.

Artist's who have inspired Natalie are Frieda Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Da Vinci and Louis H. Lash 

By Louis Henry Lash Sr.(Water color Relief painting on plasterboard)

By Louis Henry Lash Sr. "Valley of the Gods" 

Louis Henry Lash, Relief painting by Natalie Trujillo (granddaughter)

Natalie is most thankful to her muse and creative husband for all his support and for his computer savvy in putting together this website.  Natalie is available for commissioned work. To Contact Natalie email her at

Note:  Natalie has sometimes signed her work Natalie T. Gonzalez